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Highlighted Past Case Results
  • Client charged in Federal Court with possession of firearm after the conviction of a felony. Client previously convicted in State Court of possessing and selling a substantial amount of illegal narcotics and using the same firearm. Mr. Johansson convinced the Federal Court to dismiss the indictment because the State had already punished the client for the gun.
  • Client accused of assisting people to file false tax returns at local grocery store. After interviewing numerous witnesses, Mr. Johansson convinced the Federal Government to drop the charges.
  • Client charged in Federal Court for possessing a firearm after conviction of a felony. The trial court denied the Motion to suppress. Mr. Johansson convinced appellate court to reverse the decision of the trial court on the suppression issue.
  • Client accused of possessing child pornography. After extensive forensic review of the computer, Mr. Johansson was able to prove that the son of the client put the child pornography on the computer while on leave from the Navy. Mr. Johansson convinced the Federal Government to reduce the charges to accessory after the fact. Client did not have to register as a sex offender. Co-defendant sentenced to 30 years federal prison.

  • Client accused of escape by Federal Government. Mr. Johansson proved that walking away from half way house did not involve violence and therefore escape charges dismissed.
  • After 5 days of jury trial and 3 days of deliberations, Jury divided on verdict for charges of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Client driving car with father in front passenger seat while father held firearm en route to pawnshop. H-99-525
  • Client charged with selling stolen property over the Internet. Case dismissed by Judge Levenson: " I want to compliment you, counsel, you did an excellent job in this case, and the record speaks for itself, you did an excellent, excellent job for your client." "You were patient, you were deliberate, you were scholarly, you did everything you were supposed to do."
  • Client charged with second-degree felony of extorting his employer by demanding end of the year bonus in return for not disclosing employer tax fraud. After numerous subpoenas duces tecum, charges reduced to misdemeanor. Judge Destry: "That is a pretty good amendment…Thank your lawyer, Mr. Johansson, for that one. "I would say there is a huge difference between extortion and libel"


  • Medical Doctor in Atlanta accused of producing child pornography and meeting underage boy for sex. Johansson substituted as counsel and convinces court to allow the defendant to withdraw his previous plea of guilty in federal court.


  • Husband and wife accused of mortgage fraud and accepting $30,000 kickback for selling a home at over valued price. Federal investigation and possible indictment. Mr. Johansson intervened early and persuasively to avoid charges for his clients.
  • Client arrested for possession of marijuana and a firearm after conviction of a felony. Basis for stop was broken tail light on Hillsboro Blvd. Mr. Johansson convinced state that the basis for the stop was racial profiling. State did not file charges. There was no constitutional and legal basis for stop other than racial profiling. 08-1089
  • Client charged with selling firearms and explosives and other military hardware to foreign entities without a Department of State license. Military hardware destined for Iraq, Iran, and other entities. Client already had pleaded guilty with prior counsel to first federal case and expecting approximately 130 months in prison. Client charged with new case while first case pending. Mr. Johansson then hired to represent the client for both original as well as new case. Sentencing concluded for both cases with a sentence of 36 months prison time.
    07-60265 and 08-6015
  • Client accused of breaking into girlfriend's house and fondling her along with taking his cell phone back that he had given her. Charges limited to just burglary and client received probation. States offer initially was 5 years state prison. Sexual battery charges would have garnered 20 years.
  • Client accused of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Client stopped at quick market and the officer based his stop on an anonymous tip. Mr. Johansson moved to suppress evidence and the state agreed. Charges dismissed.
  • Client accused of distributing 8 kilograms of powder cocaine, 391 grams of crack, and over 4 Kilograms of marijuana. Over 1 year FBI investigation with numerous audio and video surveillance tapes. Client had 3 prior felony drug trafficking offenses. Government wanted sentence of 22 years to 27 years in Federal Prison. Despite overwhelming evidence as well as extensive drug distribution criminal history qualifying him for 3 strikes law, Mr. Johansson convinced the Court to sentence the Client to 15 years of Federal prison.
  • Client accused of raping woman during taping of red neck wedding show in central Florida. Mr. Johansson was hired early and convinced State not to file charges even though victim witness testified otherwise.
  • Client accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. Arrested by Broward Sheriffs office deputy with extensive history of violating BSO policy and regulations. Case Dismissed.
  • Client accused of selling and filling prescriptions for controlled substances via the internet after medical doctor approved prescription only after patient answered internet questionnaire. No face-to-face meeting between medical doctor and patient. Mr. Johansson represented the pharmacy business owner at federal trial.

    Judgment of acquittal. 07-60027


  • Client accused of soliciting an undercover officer for prostitution. After extensive investigation and analysis of video recording of event, Mr. Johansson convinced the state to dismiss the case.
  • Client accused of possessing cocaine and driving a vehicle with expired license plate. Client had prior kidnapping and arm robbery convictions. State initially offered 30 months of Florida State Prison but after Mr. Johansson filed a winning motion to suppress, client entered a plea of no contest to one (1) day probation with adjudication withheld by court.
  • Client accused of beating ex girlfriend who refused to return his dog after returning from Afghanistan after full year Army deployment. After a 3-day trial, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty.
  • Client accused of purchasing cocaine on South Beach from seller in lobby of bank with automatic teller machine, area under surveillance by Miami Beach police department. Client charged but Mr. Johansson convinced the State to drop the charges on assortment of constitutional and trial issues.
  • Federal Customs Officer accused of demanding kickback from confidential informants. Federal prosecutors sought Federal Prison time. Mr. Johansson negotiated plea to lesser count that limited the court to sentence the defendant to probation. Critical legal research.


  • Client accused of stealing trust funds from federal bankruptcy trustee. Client sentence reduced by 2 years after extensive investigation of loss amounts and non-applicability of money laundering statue.
  • Client accused of harboring fugitive and laundering fugitive's money. Client also present in United States illegally. Mr. Johansson convinced the agents not to charge his client and not deport his client.
  • Federal client accused of using fraudulent gift cards to purchase diesel for resale to local businesses. Prosecutor sought Federal Prison time and Mr. Johansson won probation for his client.
  • Client accused of negligently operating a jet ski. Client towed victim behind victim's jet ski. Victim landed on shore and knocked unconscious, transported via life flight to local hospital. Mr. Johansson convinced the state to drop all charges even though victim's father objected adamantly and publicly.
  • Federal Client accused of smuggling aliens from Bahamas to USA on small center console boat. Intercepted by customs airplane and fast-boat at sea. Bag of cocaine tossed into ocean by client. Mr. Johansson convinced the Federal Government to drop charges against his client.
  • Client accused of striking her husband but occurred when Client had medical emergency. State dropped charges and case expunged.
  • Client accused of throwing brick into victims car while victim sat in car. State witness excluded by legal motions filed by Mr. Johansson. Case dismissed.
  • United States Army client accused of battering a law enforcement officer while on leave from Afghanistan. Mr. Johansson convinced the State to drop charges in honor of his service to our country.
  • Federal Client accused of possessing child pornography while traveling through Ft. Lauderdale Airport. Client had prior conviction from mid-western state for possession of child pornography. Minimum mandatory of 10 years federal prison. After extensive forensic investigation of the computer and analysis by medical doctor, Mr. Johansson convinced the federal government that the images were obtained from legal pornography sites, albeit young. Federal government dismissed charges on eve of trial.
  • Client accused of possessing false identification card. Mr. Johansson showed the charges were filed improperly. Stated attempted to amend the charge. Case dismissed.
  • Client accused of robbing a victim at gun-point in his car as part of a coordinated robbery with a young girl posing as prostitute for victim. Victim identified client immediately following 911 report and arrest of client --- client facing mandatory minimums of 10-20-Life for gun. After deposition of the victim and meticulous dissection of identification issues, State dismissed charges on identification.
  • Client retained Mr. Johansson for revocation of probation hearing because client tested positive for use of cocaine. Underlying charges also for possession of cocaine and driving under the influence of cocaine. Mr. Johansson convinced the Judge to continue the client on probation even in light of similarity of violations to the underlying case.
  • Client eligible for Pre Trial Diversion in Broward County but client lived in North Carolina. After extensive and tedious negotiations and research, Mr. Johansson convinced the Sate of Florida to allow client to complete diversion program in North Carolina.
  • Federal Client accused of filing false loan application to receive fraudulent loans and then closing on properties with intent to allow foreclosure. Mr. Johansson convinced the Federal Government that client was unknowing straw buyer and had no intent to defraud the banks. Federal government dismissed charges.
  • Client accused of delivering over 5 kilograms of cocaine to buyers while negotiating with 2 federal confidential informants wearing wires and under video surveillance. Mr. Johansson convinced the court to dismiss the case for no probable cause.
  • Client accused of possessing a firearm after conviction of a felony. Mr. Johansson convinced the federal judge that the search of his client violated the 4th Amendment.

    CASE NUMBER | (FBI Operation Candyman, ) (Fitzpatrick)
    Count I: Possession of Child Pornography (charge reduced)

    We had some very strong suppression issues that forced a plea to a much lesser charge; the client served approximately a year after good time and an alcohol program. (Note that the lead defendant received 30 years.) The client did not plead guilty to, nor was he convicted of, possession of child pornography so he is not a "Child Porn Convict.

    "This case is about (Fitzpatrick) protecting his son," Johansson said. "It was illegal what he did but perhaps the motivation is admirable."